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Pure Encapsulations, Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula, 60 vcaps
Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations, Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula, 60 vcaps

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Product Code: PE7MUSC5
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  • Provides important electrolytes and soothing herbs to lessen muscle tension
  • May help relieve occasional nighttime leg muscle cramps
  • May help relieve minor muscle cramps associated with athletic activity
  • Eases muscle tension and promotes overall relaxation
  • Hypo-allergenic

Muscle cramps/tension is inconvenient feeling, specially if it occurs during nighttime. It happens mainly due to improper balance of electrolytes in the body. Chemically, electrolytes are substances that become ions in solution and acquire the capacity to conduct electricity (brain impulses). These mineral electrolytes are formed from different kinds of salts that you take through food and fluids that you drink. A proper balance of electrolytes in the body is essential for healthy body function. Electrolytes are important because they are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, muscle) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells.

Your muscles are the only tissue in the body that can contract and therefore move the other parts of the body. Healthy muscle contraction depends on electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Exercising and sweating cause you to lose electrolytes due to the loss of fluids. While your kidneys work hard to maintain proper electrolytes balance in the body, sometimes, electrolyte imbalance does occur causing muscle cramps and/or muscle tension. Muscle tension refers to the condition in which muscles of the body remain semi-contracted for an extended period whereas a muscle cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more of your muscles.

Relieving muscle cramps and tension usually involves using electrolytes such as calcium magnesium and potassium. They help you relieve pain and maintain healthy muscle functioning. Although they are available in foods such as milk bananas almonds broccoli beans and more, you may have difficulty including all these food into your daily diet. Pure Encapsulations Muscle Cramp/Tension presents the easy solution.

Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula offers important electrolytes and soothing herbs to help lessen occasional nighttime or exercise-related leg muscle cramps and ease muscle tension while promoting overall relaxation. It not only contains magnesium, potassium and calcium for healthy muscle function but also provides soothing effects of lemon balm, passion flower and chamomile to help relieve occasional muscle tension as well as moderate occasional stress and promote overall relaxation.


60 vcaps

Suggested Use

Take 2-4 capsules daily, in divided doses, with or between meals.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Vegetarian Caps
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calcium (As calcium citrate) 50 mg 5%
Magnesium (As magnesium citrate and 33% as magnesium glycinate) 150 mg 38%
Potassium (As potassium citrate) 50 mg 1%
Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) Extract (Aerial Parts) 100 mg *
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Extract (Leaf) 50 mg *
Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Extract (Flower) 50 mg *

Other Ingredients: Ascorbyl palmitate vegetarian capsule (cellulose water).

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Customer Reviews

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Zen Shoemaker
helps so much!

I have chronic low back pain and at the first twinge I start taking these and the incident time is shortened and sometimes avoided altogether. Wonderful help.